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My name is Rayhan and I'm a full stack web developer, Nodejs wizard. With my 8+ years of freelancing career, I learned a lot of modern webs developing tools and frameworks like Nestjs, Graphql, expressjs, reactjs, vuejs, webpack, grunt, sass, jsx, handlebars etc.

Typically I love to work with GraphQL Logo Graphql and React Logo Reactjs.


  "frontend"   : ["Nextjs", "Nuxtjs", "React", "Gatsby", "Vue", "Svelte", ...more],
  "mobile-app" : ["React Native", "Flutter"],
  "backend"    : ["Apollo-server", "Nestjs", "Express", "Laravel", "Adonisjs", "Django", "Flask"],
  "cms"        : ["Ghost", "WordPress", "Drupal", "Prestashop", "Magento", "kirby", "Strapi", "Contentful", "Shopify", "Netlify-cms"],
  "dbms"       : ["Postgres", "MySQL", "Sqlite", "MongoDB","Redis", "Array 😂"],
  "dbms-orm"   : ["Prisma", "Mongoose", "Typegoose", "TypeORM", "Sequilize", "knex"],
  "languages"  : ["Dart", "Java", "Python", "Typescript", "Javascript", "php", "C", "C++", "Ada"],
  "ui"         : ["Material-ui", "Styled-components", "Tailwind.css", "Bulma" ...more]


   "quick-crud"          : "https://github.com/graph-land/quick-crud",
   "graphql-placeholder" : "https://graphqlplaceholder.com",
   "bnnum"               : "https://www.npmjs.com/package/bnnum",
   "LineProgressbar"     : "https://kingrayhan.github.io/LineProgressbar/data-attrs-demo.html",
   "react-tabs"          : "https://www.npmjs.com/package/reactjs-tab",
   "gourl"               : "https://www.npmjs.com/package/gourl",
   "mini-php"            : "https://github.com/kingRayhan/mini-php"

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Close Source projects

  • Techdiary [ Build a full stack blog system based on nodejs with GraphQL and Nextjs ]

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