Assalamu alaikum ! 👋

I am Torikus Sadik. I am currently a student. who is interested in programming. I love silence, book, gadgets, a cup of coffee, and also I love to learn something new. btw, welcome to my profile. :D

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Undergraduate student @ V77! 👨‍🎓
MERN Stack Developer 🤗
Security enthusiast, Deep learning enthusiast 🤫

  • 🔭 Currently working on: Nothing.
  • 📖 Currently learning: Mongodb.
  • 🤔 Exploring: JavaScript
  • 🥅 Goal: being a Js Developer 💙
  • Ask me about: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, python and React js 😊
  • Fun fact: I love to travel and music. 😎

Languages and Tools:🥱

    "languages" : ["JavaScript","C","Python","SASS"],
    "backend" : ["NodeJS"],
    "frontend" : ["React"],
    "database" : ["Express.js","MongoDB"],
    "others" : ["NPM","Yarn","Git"]
    "tools": ["Adobe Photoshop","AdobeXD"]

Connect with me:

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